Why You NEED to be Journaling & Habit Tracking for Your Weight Loss Success

In 2017 I was diagnosed with a bone tumour in my head.

It was visibly growing out of my temple on the side of my face… 

After 4 years of suffering as this bonney mass forced my facial muscles out of place, I was eventually told I should stop exercising… I had to give up the only thing that was keeping me sane through this process.

I was forced to quit exercising and training due to the debilitating migraines and pressure headaches that now had me crippled… We even tried activities like calming scuba diving but the pressure on my head was unbearable at only 1m.

I could no longer run or lift weights at the gym, I hadn’t managed a handstand in 2 years and even bending over to put my socks on was somedays a real challenge.

The only thing that managed to get me motivated to get back on track when I had lost so much and gone from being so capable to now being so dependable on others… was my journal.

I lost 14lbs after recovering from my surgery in 2019, all before I was allowed to exercise again, and I attribute this success to the commitment to my Healthy Habits Journal.

It’s no secret that I am a list queen… I love lists, checklists, logs, spreadsheets and I even have multiple whiteboards in different rooms in my house to ensure everything is planned for, organised and all tasks are done without delay or missing any deadlines.

After my tumour removal surgery, I was understandably kinda out of it for a while on all the drugs…

But my Journal helped pull me back together and regain control of my health, habilts, happiness, mental clarity, anxiety, focus and goals……. My journal was momentous in getting me back to full health again.

I couldn’t have lost weight, stayed on track, broken down each little step so I knew what to focus on, and learned how to climb back up the fitness ladder again, starting from scratch, if I hadn’t tracked aaallllll my progress in my Journal.

Weight Loss is 100% possible without crazy fad diets and hours of cardio!

Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Should Start A Healthy Habits Journal Today….

Why you should take pictures, measurements, track your daily healthy habits, record a food diary….

I would advise to start by reviewing your success every week and month, and because you have everything at your fingertips to make sure you know exactly what you are doing and what is and isn’t working for you and your personal goals, you’ll never slip into a plateau again.

When I first started my journaling journey, many years ago, I didn’t realize at the time – the POWER of writing my goals, my affirmations, and tracking my ACTIONS day to day…


It’s kind of mindblowing, thinking about how all my current success and my entire life right now… began mapped out in that simple little student planner…

Because this revelation changed my world, motivation and self belief so much I feel every woman should have access to a HEALTHY HABITS JOURNAL that will store all her goals and dreams and track all her success and progress… without the stress and overwhelm!

So to save you the hours, weeks and months I spent cracking the code and learning exactly what to track to ensure the highest rate of success in creating new habits and achieving personal goals, I’ve created for you, The Premium HEALTHY HABITS JOURNAL

Specifically designed for women this healthy habits journal is the perfect woman’s companion for creating new lifelong sustainable habits and achieving all your goals. 


If you’re ready to take massive action, Get Started with Your Personal Premium Healthy Habits Journal Today  – this is your sign boo, right now, to take your first step and start taking care of you!

To your healthy huni,

– Lora-Lucia