The Habit Tracking Guide For Women: Why & How To Track Your Habits

If you’re looking to start habit tracking, and stick to, a brand new habit or behaviour it can be rather difficult to stay consistent and make progress. The most simple and effective tool you can use if you want to stick with a new habit for good is a Habit Tracker.

A habit tracker really is as simple as it sounds, however the results achieved by utilising the tool can promote consistent, sustainable and life-long results.

Without recording your habit tracking efforts, it’s impossible to measure, quantify and track your success.

Each day you track provides the feedback you need to assess if you’re making progress towards your desired goal.

When it comes to habit tracking and building a new habit, feedback is often delayed, particularly when building any new weight loss or health and fitness habits… 

For example you may have started exercising a month ago, but you still haven’t lost any weight yet. Or you may have been walking the dog further every day for a few weeks, but he seems to be the only one getting fitter at the moment. Or perhaps you’ve committed to a relaxing yoga practise for the last 10 days straight but you still feel your stress and anxiety levels get pretty high as soon as you get to work.

This DOES NOT mean you are failing!!!

Habits can take a while to create and the results you see from being consistent with them, unfortunately, are not always achieved immediately.

Habit formation is a long distance marathon and involves consistency to ensure you are making progress towards your desired end goal… But if you’re anything like me, when you want something you want it now, and so you need some form of immediate gratification after performing the habit/ task that shows you are on the right path and successfully moving towards your desired goals.

This is where a Habit Tracker becomes a game changer in helping you achieve long-term sustainable results.

What Exactly Is A Habit Tracker?

A habit tracker is an effective behavioural change tool to record whether you did or did not complete a habit/task on a particular day.

The simplest format to start habit tracking is to use a calendar and place a cross (or a mark) on each day you complete your new habit . For example, if your goal is to drink 2lts of water a day, simply place a mark, or an x, on the days you achieved this. As the days go by, you will have an accurate record of the days you achieved your goal.

The LadyBadass Healthy Habit Tracker

To make this process as easy as possible, I created the Healthy Habits Journal, which includes 3 months of blank weekly habit trackers that you can fill in with your own personal goals and healthy habits to track. All you have to do is add your new goals/healthy habits and start ticking off the days when you achieve it.

There are multiple ways to fill-in your habit tracker… from placing an x on the day, to a tick or colouring in the daily squares.. Ultimately the choice is yours. You could colour the days in green when you achieved your goal and red when you missed your goal that day, or you could place a small dot on the day.

In this tracker below 3 lines have been used to show the habit has been completed and a single dot has been used to represent that the task/habit was missed that day.

Ultimately, no matter your design choice, a good Habit Tracker will provide immediate feedback that you are on the right path, succeeding and achieving your goals.

It’s an immediate signal that you are making progress and on the road to success… even if you can’t physically see the changes in your weight/ health or fitness yet, you know you have been consistent and all your short-term efforts daily will add up to the long-term rewards of your desired results.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Habit Tracker?

How To Use A Habit Tracker?

What Habits Could You Track?

Here’s 3 More Reasons Why Habit Tracking is Such a Powerful Tool

  1. It acts as a reminder to inspire you to take action.
  2. You feel more motivated to stay on track when you physically see the progress mapped out and you don’t want to ruin your winning streak of days/weeks.
  3. It’s a little bit of instant gratification within the long-term goals… it feels good to record your progress and success in the moment.
Healthy Habit Tracker

Example Daily Healthy Habits & Tasks To Track…

This is not an exhaustive list…

  • Water Intake
  • Workout
  • Nutrition – no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no gluten

Example Weekly Healthy Habits & Tasks To Track…

  • Take progress photo
  • Record new measurements
  • Assess weekly food diary
  • Cook your next weeks’ meal prep

Example Monthly Healthy Habits & Tasks To Track…

It’s kind of mindblowing, thinking about how all my personal current success and my entire life right now… began mapped out in an old simple little student planner…

Because this revelation of using a journal and tracking my goals changed my world, motivation and self belief so much, I feel every woman should have access to a HEALTHY HABITS JOURNAL that will store all her goals and dreams and track all her success and progress… without any stress and overwhelm!

So to save you the hours, weeks and months I’ve spent cracking the code and learning exactly what to track to ensure the highest rate of success in creating new habits and achieving personal goals, I’ve created for you, The Premium HEALTHY HABITS JOURNAL

Specifically designed for women this healthy habits journal is the perfect woman’s companion for creating new lifelong sustainable habits and achieving all your goals. 


If you’re ready to take massive action, Get Started with Your Personal Premium Healthy Habits Journal Today  – this is your sign boo, right now, to take your first step and start taking care of you!

Love Lora xx

Still need convincing? If you’re looking for more reasons why you should start habit tracking go read this post I wrote about 7 More Reasons Why you Should Be Journaling & Habit Tracking for Weight Loss.