9 Food Swaps to Slash 100+ Calories

 What if you could drop 100 calories or more by making a single change to your meal or snack?

This article gives you my nine easy swaps that will make your diet drop 100 calories instantly…

Losing fat isn’t easy…I don’t have to tell you that!

You’ve been striving for a fat loss goal for longer than you’d like to admit…

To work towards your goal, you slave in the gym and watch what goes in your mouth every day…

But what if you could drop 100 calories or more by making a single change to your meal or snack? It is possible. You’ve just got to know where to swap.

Check out the list below to find out nine easy swaps that will make your diet drop 100 calories instantly. Ready? Get swapping!

Food Swap #1: From Bread to Topless – No, you don’t have to give up bread altogether (Although you would see massive benefits and an incredible change in your body from giving up all that unneeded gluten and sugar!). If you want to quickly watch 100 calories slide off your meal, all you’ve got to do is toss the top piece of bread from your sandwich or from your burger. It may require a bit of balancing on your part, but it will instantly save you 100 calories and help that loaf of bread go twice as far.

Food Swap #2: From Bagel to English Muffin – Since we’re already talking bread, we may as well knock out the bagel dilemma. They’re delicious, thick, and hard to resist. However, if you can toss them out the window for an English muffin instead, you’ll still enjoy great flavor (and a delightful texture) and without even batting an eye, trim 100 calories from your breakfast, lunch, or snack.

Food Swap #3: From Cream to Nonfat Milk – Have a hard time taking your coffee straight? You’re not alone. Not interested in giving up coffee altogether? Then you’re going to need to find a new option to the creamer-heavy concoction you make on a daily basis. The easiest solution is to swap out your creamer for almond milk / rice milk or coconut milk. Lucky for you, this small swap pays off big, cutting 100 calories from your morning jolt. **If you drink sugar in your coffee…. STOP! Try stevia based products, natural sweeteners or honey to help stop that insulin spike in your blood sugars and have more energy throughout the day! Or even better try BUTTER COFFEE! 🙂 

Food Swap #4: From Regular to Light Beer – Your taste buds may revolt at the thought of light beer, but your shrinking waistline will love it. Drop your insistence on good ol’ regular beer and drop 100 calories during a two-beer sitting. 


Food Swap #5: From Juice to the Real Thing – Orange juice is a staple of many folks’ breakfast routines. What if you tossed the juice and went for the real thing—a genuine, bona fide orange? You probably already guessed that this, too, would shave a lot of calories from your meal. At the same time, you’ll get more fiber to keep your day moving along well. 


Food Swap #6: From Peanuts to Edamame – They’re readily available, taste great, and give you the salt fix you need. Peanuts are not, however, a 

low-calorie snacking option. Swap them out for edamame and you’ll grab 4 bonus grams of protein, while cutting your calorie count by 100. 


Food Swap #7: From Shake to Shake – When the stress of life gets to you, few things help you forget about your troubles better than a chocolate milkshake. Unfortunately, that shake leaves you feeling bloated and for good reason. It’s jam packed with calories. Get the same chocolate comfort with a serving of chocolate protein with water instead of a milky shake and cut out at least 100 calories. 


Food Swap #8: From Bacon to…Bacon – You grew up eating smoked pork bacon and you’ve trained your kids to salivate at the thought of it. What if there was a way to have your bacon and eat it, too—without quite as many calories? There is. Going for an ounce—yes, just one ounce—of turkey bacon instead of the pork version will shave more than 100 calories from your daily consumption. And you still get to eat bacon! (Now don’t go telling me this is an american/europian thing either… as you can get your turkey bacon from lots of places in the uk.. inc sainsburys!) 


Food Swap #9: From Raisins to Grapes – They won’t stay fresh for months on end, but if you eat fresh grapes instead of their wrinkled siblings, you’ll cut right around 100 calories at once. Yes, it is that easy


The best part about food swaps is it allows you to still enjoy some of your favorite meals simply by making a few tweeks to the recipe.

So swap the top off your burger for a crunchy piece of lettuce…

Or grill those burgers and fries at home.

Swap your thick loaf sandwich for a wholemeal wrap…

Or swap your deep-crust pizza for a thin-crust pizza.

Swap your desserts and chocolate cakes for a homemade protein and cacao mousse.

Or swap your galaxy chocolate for a slice of dark chocolate instead.

You don’t have to change everything at once!

And you certainly don’t have to give everything up and never eat your favorite foods again!

Focus less on restriction and more on balance.

Small changes go a long way!


💡 Here’s the deal…

Your fitness transformation is gonna be tough…

But if you stay the course, you will prevail and see amazing results!

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with just a little consistency & belief to start with 💪🏻🎉🔥

Don’t wait.

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