21 Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Hey lovely, it’s Lora here…

When I tell women they can have a strong, slim, toned body without constantly starving themselves or obsessing over counting calories…

Or they can have their own incredible female weight loss transformations – they usually laugh at the idea…

And, I don’t blame them! 😉

Since birth we’ve been taught there’s no such thing as having a healthy, good looking body whilst still eating what we want…

And yet, I’ve helped coach hundreds of women to harness their inner LadyBadass to achieve an incredible full body transformation…

Achieving amazing weight loss transformation results WHILST still enjoying pizza and wine!

In this blog post, I want to show you 21 inspiring women who have used weight lifting to achieve a truly amazing transformation…

And I want to show you that you can 100% do the same…

Incredible Badass Female Weight Loss Transformations

Mari Llewellyn – @marillewellyn 

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Body transformations happen when you least expect and for Mari, she said hers began after she hit rock bottom. Mari says how fitness truly saved her life when she began lifting weights, eating a nutritious, healthy diet and aiming to better herself every day.

Angela Crickmore – @angelcrickmore

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Angela achieved her sensational transformation by changing her eating habits and lifting weights. She says “Conditions are never just right. People who stall until all factors are favourable do nothing. They procrastinate over and over again and their dreams never materialize.” Angela now doesn’t wait for things to happen… she makes them happen herself.

Tabitha Beasley – @tabbybeasley30 

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Tabitha lost 100lbs! Between tracking macros and steadily increasing weight lifting and crossfit workouts, Tabitha began to see the weight come off. On average, she was losing 2lbs each week and was feeling better with each day, both mentally and physically. “I started feeling stronger for the first time ever, which was so empowering. With each day that passed, I could do more physically than when I started and continued to see amazing progress,” she said.

Erica Lugo – @ericafitlove

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

“I want to prove that losing weight and transforming your life doesn’t have to be complicated. My story is proof that taking it back to the basics works. I didn’t make any crazy, drastic changes to my life. I just took things one step at a time, and the results followed.” Erica Lugo, lost 150 pounds

Emily Ricketts – @emrickettz

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

At 17 Emily was overweight and obsessed with trying to be the skinniest, smallest version of herself. Embarking on whatever fad diet, quick fix, skinny tea or short-term-solution she could find that would get her the “dream body” it promised…. Here’s Emily after her Female Weight Loss Transformation now Emily eats well, lifts weights in the gym and loves herself… “I’m no longer the girl who uses exercise as punishment.. who no longer sees food as something to fear. Who gave up obsessing over everything her body wasn’t and instead embraced everything it was. Mine is beautiful, unique, strong, powerful – and everything in-between.” Emily Ricketts

Kristin Lucia – @fitat40_believeandachieve

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Kristen has lost over 105 pounds with counting macros, lifting weights and crossfit… She says “My body composition has drastically changed. I went from a 53-inch waist (size 26) to a size 6 now! My energy levels are through the roof, and I’ve seen a drastic change in my focus. From head to toe, my overall health (in all aspects) has improved, and I could not be more grateful for it!” Kristin Lucia, Lost over 105 pounds

Rebin Roy – @therebin

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Rebin Roy smoked a two packs of cigarettes every day for 14 years and she says she “could easily down a pitcher of margaritas and 20 buffalo wings at happy hour,”. Eventually she found herself weighing 248 lbs. at 5’4″. Deciding to make a change Rebin started eating smaller portions (still eating the occasional pizza and cheeseburger) and started lifting weights. The Geneva, Illinois-based mom of three now weighs 122 lbs and loves to compete on stage in her bikini in the bodybuilding “glamour” category, when she “gets to wear a sparkly bikini and angel wings,” Rebin Roy, Lost 126lbs

Jessica – @getfitwjessica

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Jessica began her journey at 320 pounds (22 Stone 8 pounds), and in just one year, her determination and commitment to herself helped her drop 11 stone 4 pounds! Her transformation is so amazing and proof that portion control and exercise really do work.

Courtney Kimmel – @court_kimm 

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Courtney Kimmel, 32, a childcare center owner from Northern Liberties said she had been overweight her whole life and had tried every diet under the sun to lose the extra weight. It wasn’t until she discovered working out, lifting weights and crossfit that she began to feel empowered for the first time… “I felt like I had accomplished something I never saw myself doing, and that feeling was incredible!”.

Ashley Mccormick – @crossfit_blondie

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Ashley beat her alcohol addiction and used CrossFit and a clean diet to undergo a complete transformation. “I was around 200 pounds, depressed, and thought there was no way out.” Then Ashley found crossfit… “It offered not only an exercise regimen but an entire community and a complete new way of life,” she said. “I used this as my new foundation and support group. It really became an immediate passion of mine.” Ashley Mccormick

Tiffany Head – @tiff_living_parakaleo

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Tiffany Head put her three children’s needs before her own and, by age 35, ended up weighing 315 pounds. “Throughout my late 20s, I gained over 100 pounds during three pregnancies in four years,”. Tiffany began to workout twice a week and CrossFit introduced her to weightlifting. “Even when I weighed 300 pounds, I felt strong and capable with a barbell in my hands. That feeling of strength sparked something in me that I had never felt before, and the more I did CrossFit, the more and more I began to believe that I could do anything I set my mind to.”

Regan Patterson – @regan_patterson 

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Weight loss is simple, but it’s not easy. Regan lost 6 stone by counting macros (another form of calorie counting) and working out five to six days a week now… but she started by working out only two to three days a week and just making small changes to her diet. Regan says she was still able to eat foods like pizza, burgers and ice cream on her journey and it’s okay to start with little lifestyle changes because they will eventually add up to big ones.

Jasmine Jacobs

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

“I have lost 180 pounds and have kept it off for four years now by strength training. Building muscle has made keeping the weight off so much easier because the more muscle I have, the more calories I burn every day. I currently exercise four to six days a week, focusing on heavy resistance training. I rest on the weekends by doing yoga or stretching.” Jasmine Jacobs, 25, lost 180 pounds

Brooke McNerlin – @brookeanna_mc

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

“I love lifting because feeling strong is extremely empowering. It does not make you bulky and gives me the curves that I now love *so* much. Muscle also burns fat, so building muscle allows me to eat more, which makes my weight loss more maintainable.” Brooke McNerlin

Sarah Moore – @vivacious_fitness 

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Sarah Moore said she was always chubby growing up but that things got really bad when she got pregnant with her second daughter. “By the time she was born in 2011, I was obese, and the scale kept climbing from there,”. Sarah started calorie counting and jogging… jogging turned into going to the gym and lifting weights, and that’s when the magic happened… by the end of that year, Sarah had dropped 80 pounds. She went on to lose another 30 pounds over the year that followed and she’s maintained that 110-pound weight loss for the last five years!

Brianna Bernard – @briannabernardfitness 

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

After gaining 5 stone during her pregnancy, Brianna Bernard’s goal was to lose the baby weight, but she ended up losing way more! This 32-year-old mum lost 107 pounds (over 7 and a half stone) in just one year. She started training three times a week and most of her workouts consisted of total-body weightlifting, plyometric movements, and boxing. Almost five years later, and 7 stone lost, Brianna now trains five to six days per week, and her training sessions include a combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding components.

Lindsey Dolan – @mrslindseydolan

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

For Lindsey is all started at the beach… “watching all the skinny, beautiful people walk down the beach, I realized in that moment how unhappy I was in my own body, how unhealthy I was, sitting here drinking a giant, sugary drink, when that’s not what my body wants.” Lindsey looked at her best friend and told her that that week she was going to join a gym. “The following Thursday, on Oct. 27, 2017, I walked through the doors of my gym and haven’t stopped since.” Lindsey Dolan, Over 65 lbs lost

Kels Kiel – @KelsKiel

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

“I weighed about 210 pounds when I started, and now I currently sit between 165 to 175 pounds. CrossFit saved my life. I was an overweight, unhappy recent college grad who didn’t know who she was. Focusing on my health and my goals as a regional CrossFit athlete has opened so many doors for me athletically, professionally, mentally, and emotionally. And I think that these goals are just as (if not more) important than the number of pounds I’ve lost.” – Kels Kiel, 26, lost 40-plus pounds

Chiara Pugliesi – @chiara_pugliesi  

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Chiara used weightlifting to overcome her suffering from eating disorders. She fell in love with the results and now never misses a legs day. Chiara says how she uses training as a form of therapy.

Sophie – @gainsbybrains

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

Sophie was overweight and unhappy with her body. She started her Female Weight Loss Transformation by eating healthy and working out at the gym and has never looked back… Sophie now helps other women lose weight too.

Samantha Wojo – @herecomethewojos

LadyBadass Blog Incredible Female Weight Loss Transformations

“I used to think because I didn’t have my support system close I couldn’t do the things I wanted, or achieve my goals, and I let it hold me so far back that I woke up one day and I was over 240 pounds… and I refuse to let “I can’t” control my life anymore. Throw that word out of your vocab, because you CAN do anything!.. If you’re looking for a sign to start whatever it is your looking for.. this is it! Go chase your dreams babes 💋 I know you CAN do it! – Samantha Wojo

Weight loss and starting your own personal transformation journey is 100% possible at any phase of life… All you need is a structured plan and your self-belief.

You can do anything you set your mind to babe! If you want results like this for yourself just know it is totally possible and YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS TOO!

If you’re ready to take massive action, book a Free one-on-one Strategy Call with me – this is your sign, right now, to take your first step!

You can do this!

– Lora-Lucia