I’m a Sports Scientist, Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach whose mission is to help women love themselves again and find a healthy balanced lifestyle without ever feeling restricted or hangry again

I created Ladybadass Lifestyle & Training, after overcoming my own body issues, to empower every woman to embrace her inner LadyBadass and learn how to live a life a life she is truly proud of.

You see, I learnt the hard way! For over a decade I struggled with an eating disorder that consumed me with guilt, exhaustion, obsession and self-doubt.
After years of obsession and punishing myself daily I’d finally had enough of my own bull-poop and decided to take back control of my body. I decided I didn’t want to be ‘skinny’ anymore… I wanted to be STRONG and FIT… And this is how LadyBADASS was born.

A LadyBadass is the strong, capable and powerful alter-ego inside every woman who believes she can do anything! A LadyBadass is the imperfect action taking, no bs, determined and empowered woman already inside YOU.

Let Me Help You Build Confidence, Strength & Love For your Body… Let Me Help You Unleash Your Inner LadyBadass Today!

Can I just say, I’m so excited you are here?

But, I want to be real with you…(being straight up is kinda my thing!)… 1 year ago I had to start all over again on my health and fitness journey.

I’d gained a ton of weight back whilst I was ‘resting’ and suffering with a tumour over the last 4 years. I’d lost all of my toned muscles, my confidence and self- belief…

And because I hadn’t really exercised for two years due to my bone tumour I was now petrified to walk back into a gym again.

I can remember when I very first started how overwhelmed and confused I was. So much information, so many different ’top tips’… I just didn’t know where to start… 

All the overwhelm had me paralysed to even try to start… I’d started and stopped a million times because I didn’t believe in myself and I was so scared for anyone to see me FAIL…

Now to add insult to injury… I was addicted to sugar and fast food again too!

I’d been living off of microwave meals and fast food whilst my partner was looking after me… I’d drink at least six cans of coke a day and finish the night with a few packs of Oreo cookies or Caramel ice-cream!

I was right back where I started! Hating my body, stuck in a daily vicious cycle, clueless where to start & terrified!

But I figured it out… I lost the excess weight from sitting on my butt for so long, I built my toned muscles again, I found my confidence in myself again and I healed super fast from my head surgery!

Now I’m committed to helping every single women I can who feels overwhelmed like me and addicted to food like me

It’s my mission to help women have a REAL healthy lifestyle that FINALLY gets them the sustainable long term results!

Losing Fat And Building Muscle Is Hard.
I Make It Easy.