"A LadyBadass is a Tenacious Goal-Getting Queen Who
Doesn't Give Excuses, She Simply Gets Sh*t Done!"


A Sports Scientist, Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach whose mission is to help women love themselves again and find a healthy balanced lifestyle without ever feeling restricted or hangry again

I created Ladybadass Lifestyle & Training, after overcoming my own body issues, to empower every woman to embrace her inner LadyBadass and learn how to live a life a life she is truly proud of.

You see, I learnt the hard way! For over a decade I struggled with an eating disorder that consumed me with guilt, exhaustion, obsession and self-doubt.
After years of obsession and punishing myself daily I’d finally had enough of my own bull-poop and decided to take back control of my body. I decided I didn’t want to be ‘skinny’ anymore… I wanted to be STRONG and FIT… And this is how LadyBADASS was born.

A LadyBadass is the strong, capable and powerful alter-ego inside every woman who believes she can do anything! A LadyBadass is the imperfect action taking, no bs, determined and empowered woman already inside YOU.

Let Me Help You Build Confidence, Strength & Love For your Body… Let Me Help You Unleash Your Inner LadyBadass Today!

LadyBadass Weight Loss Roadmap Guide, Tips and Tools

The Step-By-Step Blueprint Every Woman Needs to Skyrocket Her Weight Loss (…And Keep The Results!)


The 21-Day LadyLEAN Challenge is a step-by-step program that gets you cutting sugar, burning fat and creating new lifelong healthy habits.

With your day-by-day videos and program roadmap you’re never left to figure things out on your own.

Nothing is left to chance.

Join in LIVE  as We Do This Step-by-Step TOGETHER… Next Challenge Starts Monday 7th June 2021


Train Like A LadyBadass TODAY with these progressive 6 week training programs designed to take you from exactly where you are now to the fittest you’ve ever been!

Start with BEGIN for a progressive at home or on the go with dumbbells program to get you comfortable beginning to lift weights.. BURN develops your lifting skills with more weights and kettlebells… And BUILD develops the lean muscle to sculpt the strong and curvy sexy body you’ve always wanted.


Feeling like you’ve hit a plateau? Don’t know where to start?

Work one-on-one with me and get a truly custom plan with the STEP-BY-STEP support and guidance you need to achieve your dream body whilst still eating what you want and training how you want.

It’s my mission to provide you with the best plan for YOUspecifically tailored to your personal schedule, goals and needs to ensure you achieve faster results that last a lifetime without giving up the foods you love.


"If you do anything to invest in your health, invest in Lora, she will set you on a clear, successful & strategic path."


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